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For the next 14 Days, even for just 1 hour of your time per day, we are going to challenge you, your beliefs, your mindset, and your habits towards money and will be giving you the right applicable tools, strategies, and mentoring towards Financial Success and finally help you live your life by design!
A lot of Black Women Continue to Struggle with their Finances...
You feel financially frustrated as you continue to FAIL over and over again because:
  • ​YOU have income coming in but nothing to show for it
  • YOU want to save money, but are stuck, and don't know where to start
  • YOU don't have a system in place, and can't seem to get ahead
  • ​YOU struggle to create and stick to your budget
  • ​​YOU have more month left at the end of your money
  • ​YOU have irregular income and don't know how to budget for it
WE AT PSP ARE ON A MISSION TO HELP YOU! That is why we created this challenge
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  • 14-Day Make Your Money Work For You Challenge     $299.99 Value
  • Black Woman 14-Day Challenge Workbook                     $19.99 Value
  • ​Black Woman's Financial Freedom Lifestyle Tool          $49.99 Value
  • ​Black Woman's Digital Tracker Tool                                   $49.99 Value
  • ​Guide to Disrupting Success Blockers                               $39.99 Value
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  • Bonus #1  Crushing Your Goals eBook                                 $19.99 Value
  • ​Bonus #2 Driving Force Within Video Modules                $19.99 Value
  • ​Bonus #3 Money Matters eBook                                           $19.99 Value
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The 14-Day Make Your Money Work For You Challenge (Daily Online Challenges)
This 14-Day "Make Your Money Work For You" Challenge will give you tailor-fitted strategies, tools, guidance and hand-holding so that you can get to where you want to be financially. These are the same strategies used by successful black women in making their financial goals a reality.
Black Woman Success Masterclass Workbook
This will be your daily workbook for the activities we have in store for you in the 14-Day "Make You Money Work For You" Challenge. 

This workbook will be your guide for your financial freedom journey in the 14 days that we will be working with you.
Black Woman's Financial Freedom Lifestyle Tool
This is your KEY to "Winning the Money Game"

The tool helps you to Identify your Financial Freedom number or in other words your current “Rat Race Number" and will help you identify your starting point to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

You'll also be equipped with your absolute "Financial Freedom Lifestyle", telling you the actual cost of living your current lifestyle and how you can adjust it in accordance to your financial goals.
Black Woman Digital Purse Tracker Tool
Keeps "tabs" on your daily expenditure making sure that your budget STAYS ON TRACK!
  • Your Defensive Measure Against Money Leakage
  • ​Curb Impulse Spending Habits
  • Helps You Stick to You Daily Budget
  • Stop You From Losing Sight of Your Financial Priorities
  • ​Become a Master of Your Money
  • ​Serves as Your Enabler in Telling Your Money Where to Go
Guide to Disrupting Success Blockers for the Black Woman
This tool will be your guide in tackling the limiting beliefs you have imposed upon yourself that are holding your back from your true potential and from success.

You'll finally be able to have the correct mindset needed to disrupt your so called "SUCCESS BLOCKERS" and allow yourself to work and execute beyond your comfort zone.
BONUS 1: Crushing Your Goals eBook
Meeting Realistic Goals Can Be Easy if You Have the Right Understanding of the Process! 
The Reason So Many People Fail at Meeting Their Goals is Because They Have a Confused Understanding of Realistic Goal Setting and Self-Motivation Methodology.
Those who understand the proper methodology as they establish their goals, more often than not are the ones who meet and exceed their objectives with meaningful results.
Crushing Your Goals and Achieving Success is much more than just a book with the simple basics of setting goals and achieving success. It will also shake up your entire perception on goal setting, often even crushing your current unrealistic goals so that genuine achievement becomes possible.  
BONUS 2: Driving Force Within
Discover the hidden secrets to motivation and achieving personal power! 
We all have dreams – dreams of a better life, dreams of personal freedom, dreams of long-lasting happiness, dreams of finally reaching our goals. 

But why is it that so few people succeed, and far too many continue living unhappy and mediocre lives, their dreams all but forgotten? 

In this eBook, you'll uncover the incredible power of motivation. Learn how you can use it as your main driving force to finally achieve your goals as well as your personal freedom!
BONUS 3: Money Matters eBook
365 Daily Tips on Making More Money
In this eBook, we are going to consider 365 different tips - one for each day of the year - that you can use to make financial decisions the right way. Through this eBook, you will learn how to be frugal, save, invest, and to steer your career (and exploit money making opportunities) in a way that will bring you closer to financial security and a broad sense of satisfaction with your life and your choices
Our 14-Day Challenge Comes with a
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

After following our programs and tools and you did not see any improvement in your personal financial situation 30 days from your purchase, simply send us an email and a screenshot of your payment and we’ll provide you a full refund on your purchase. No questions asked.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
What is best than searching for something and finding it! This was my emotion when I acquainted myself with what Ms. Caroline Marsh, her business partner and team at PSP. I was searching for financial education which will teach me the process to becoming financially independent, sustain it and leave a legacy. 

I took their 14 Day challenge (an online course) and I have already started breaking down my limiting beliefs and on my journey to becoming financially independent. By knowing where I am currently I can craft a realistic future which will bless me and my associates. If you are searching and willing to work hard, then you are just in the right place. Give yourself the opportunity to become financially independent whilst living a wholesome life.
- Margaret Welton, UK, 14-Day Challenger
the women behind the
14-day challenge
Caroline Marsh
Co-Founder of PSP, Property Investor, Financial Educator, Speaker and 2008 Channel 4 - UK's "Secret Millionaire"
In my previous life, I was a spender at heart, I quickly learnt from mentors that building lasting wealth needed mindset shifts, tools and strategies to help me learn how money works and make it work for me.  

These are the exact same tools we created for black women like us whose money habits may be out of control.

These tools are completely adaptable. Year after year, as my life changes, I adjust the plans and continue to use the exact formulas in these tools.

And now, as a Successful Property Investor and Financial Educator, I have learn the exact formula how to track income and expenses.
I'm familiar with the best ways to set financial priorities and plan accordingly.

We now have a blue print for the black woman to help guide them with the things that work and the things that do not based on one's "Financial Freedom Lifestyle Number" 
Chisha Kumisuku
Co-Founder of PSP, Accountant, Personal Finance Coach
Being an accountant I have always loved working with figures and this served me well when I was in the Corporate world working and helping with other people's numbers.

When I left the corporate world I had to learn quickly that I needed to keep an eye on my own numbers, most importantly, my own personal finances!

My biggest lesson was learnt when I went into debt to finance an investment in property and it turned ‘bad‘ because of rising interest rates.
Fortunately with guidance from a mentor and persistent action, I was able to change the business model and reverse what was a very challenging situation for me. From that time I developed a passion for personal finance and wanted to do the same for others.

Moving forward, it started to become a passion. I started helping people manage their debts and their personal finances, helping them improve their overall financial situation through personal financial education.
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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